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Prairie Sky Recovery Centre

Over the past 8 years the Leipzig Serenity Retreat has set a solid foundation to address and meet the need for a facility to provide help, treatment and hope for those suffering from addictions. Once again, we are at a crossroads of growth. Our focus is no longer just as retreat centre but as a facility of recovery. With the change of direction comes a change of name.

We are pleased to announce our new name: Prairie Sky Recovery Centre Inc. We are thankful for the roots the Leipzig Serenity Retreat has planted. Our goal is to grow the services, offering more options to help people gain long term sobriety and live healthy happy lives. Prairie Sky Recovery will be offering new programming such as family support initiatives to help spouses, children and parents support their loved one through their journey. With the development of a second structure on the property, alternate programming will be offered to both Prairie Sky Recovery clients and people in the outlying communities with issues like gambling, eating disorders, and more. With this new chapter, "The sky is the limit."

Prairie Sky Recovery

About Prairie Sky Recovery

We offer a selection of residential treatment programs utilizing the psychosocial model approach to recovery.

Our programs include 12 step facilitation, Emotional Wellness, Mindfulness skills training, cognitive behaviour practices and relapse prevention. Family care enhancement programs, an online ten module recovery program and some intensive programs are planned for launch at a future date.

Our programs are client centered and delivered by skilled, empathetic and caring staff.

Our philosophy of providing recovery support is the common thread woven throughout our Centre from the maintenance and housekeeping departments to our Facilitators and clerical staff.

We believe our support family approach and atmosphere is unique and enhances successful recovery as evidenced by our ever-growing Alumni.

We Offer

Treatment Programs

Recovery 5

Pre-requisite for all other residential programs

Recovery 2

Coming in 2017

Recovery 3

Coming in 2017

Recovery 8

Recovery 10

Coming in 2017


Family Care Enhancement Program

Coming in 2017

Addiction Intensive Program

Coming in 2017

Aftercare Transition Program

Coming in 2017

Start Dates

We offer new start dates every 2 weeks. If you are interested in attending our recovery retreat program, please Contact us for information and availability on upcoming start dates.


A deposit is required to hold bed for an upcomming program and may be paid by Visa, Mastercard or etransfer Contact us to book a bed


Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the facility been in operation?
We have been accepting clients since January of 2009.
Is your facility 12 step based?
Yes it is. We work all twelve steps thoroughly and comprehensively. This includes twelve step literature and homework, videos, tailored lectures, homework questions as well as in-depth class discussion. Seventy-five percent of the staff members at Prairie Sky Recovery are active members of the twelve step program.
Are clients allowed visitation and/or to make phone calls?
Yes this is encouraged.
Is this a gender specific program/ substance abuse centre
What Should I bring
  • Enough comfortable casual clothing for a week (Laundry soap and dryer sheets provided).
  • Shoes are required indoors, our hardwood floors and marble staircase can be hard on the legs. Crocs or runners are recommended.
  • Weather appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities.
  • In summer, sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Pajamas, housecoat, sweatpants etc for sleeping.
  • We supply pillows but you are welcome to bring one if you like.
  • Toiletries, shaving kit, hair dryer, your normal bathroom items such as shampoo.
  • Water bottle.
  • Spending money for pop, snacks, cigarettes, etc.
  • List of relevant phone numbers you may need during your stay.
  • Health care card.
  • Supply of any prescribed medications in the original bottle/packaging only. Bubble packed if possible. (Any prescription refills must come from your family doctor)
  • A Musical instrument
  • An open mind and positive attitude.
Please Note:
  • Staff will examine all luggage upon arrival.
  • We supply all sheets, blankets & towels
  • All prescription and non-prescription medications must be turned over to the staff upon arrival.
What Not To Bring
  • Do not bring electronics of any kind including Cell phones, You will not be permitted use of your cell phone during your stay
  • Mouthwash, cologne, perfume, hairspray or any item that contains alcohol.
  • Revealing clothing, clothing with offensive slogans
  • Expensive items
  • Protein powders, work out supplements or energy drinks.
  • Hair dye.
Will my loved one receive group treatment sessions or one-on-one sessions?
Yes, your loved one will receive both group and one on one therapy.
Do you offer any type of family program?
Although we do not offer a formal family program, families frequently contact us with their concerns regarding their loved ones and we provide ongoing support and guidance.
What happens if the family needs instruction about how to care for the patient after discharge?
We provide guidance, support and encouragement to all family members and address ongoing concerns based on our own experience.
Are other specialists available if needed?
Yes, we arrange appointments for any specialist that is needed or required.
Is there an after care or continuing care plan developed?
Yes we have developed a Bridge program which deals with aftercare and continued planning for sobriety. We are always available for contact with any past clients and we encourage them to remain in regular contact with us. There is opportunity for long term after-care group therapy through an affiliated Addictions Counsellor. We also  provide resources for addicts. 
Does the facility also offer outpatient physician and therapy services?
We have access to all health services offered within our healthcare system including physicians, registered massage therapists and qualified counsellors.
How much therapy do patients receive?
Due to the small and intimate class size, our clients receive five hours of daily group therapy. Our counsellors are also available for individual sessions whenever required or requested by the client. Clients also attend three twelve step meetings on a weekly basis.
Does the facility offer specialized therapies?
We follow the twelve step philosophy as well as an Emotional Wellness Program.Are there staff on site 24/7?
Are there staff on site 24/7?
There are always a minimum of 3 staff on site after hours.
Can we have a tour of the facility prior to admission?
Yes, we welcome anyone who asks for a tour.
Is the facility accredited?
No we are not presently accredited however we are developing our policies and procedures manual with the short-term goal of becoming accredited in Canada.
Does the facility specialize in rehabilitation care?
We follow the 12 step philosophy of AA/NA, and provide an Emotional Wellness class. This class explores self esteem issues, negative core beliefs, and biased expectations which in turn helps clients to define their own morals, values and beliefs. We also do a meditation class that helps clients slow down their racing thoughts. The Pre-Intake Program for people who arrive early helps to address any resistance to coming into treatment. The Bridge Program was designed to help clients form a vital plan for a successful recovery.
Does the facility have a formal way to monitor quality of care?
We internally monitor the quality of care in a variety of ways. We monitor client progress and address all concerns through a weekly staff meeting. In addition, clients attend a daily meeting seven days a week which provides clients the opportunity to voice all concerns. Consistent, timely and accurate documentation of each client is maintained regularly covering counselling and health progress and concerns. During the last week of treatment clients complete an evaluation form in which they provide feedback on areas such as the program, accommodation, counsellors, food etc. This is done anonymously so clients freely provide suggestions for improvement which often leads to implement changes. The feedback provided is valuable and helps us to strive towards continually improving our quality of care.

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